2.5GbE NAS Solutions for Efficient Video Editing and Data Backup

2.5GbE NAS Solutions for Efficient Video Editing and Data Backup

With the advent of the internet age, the frequency and scenarios of mobile phone usage are increasing. People are constantly taking photos and recording videos, editing and sharing their works on various social media platforms. In addition to mobile phones, people also use smart devices such as tablets and PC, and the amount of data stored on these devices is increasing. Pets, scenery, portraits photos and videos of various sizes take up a significant amount of space on devices, with frequent video shooters possibly having tens or hundreds of terabytes of data storage. It is very important to regularly export and backup these valuable data.

For video workers who love taking photos and editing, traditional mobile hard drives and USB drives can no longer meet the high-capacity and high-speed editing needs of ultra-high-definition videos, nor can they meet the requirements of cross-platform operation and remote access. The disk crash that may occur at any time also makes the safe storage of data a top priority.

During the video editing process, operations such as material decoding import, multi-track simultaneous editing, video encoding export, multiple plug-ins running at the same time, and dragging the timeline to preview the video can easily cause real-time preview stuttering and slow rendering, which also means that video editing has higher hardware requirements.

In order to improve work efficiency and data security, I choose NAS as the solution for video editing. More and more people are using NAS, and traditional households may choose a gigabit NAS, but the speed is slower and may experience lag when editing videos. On the other hand, 10-gigabit NAS is faster, but the product price and matching network environment upgrade are quite expensive, so 2.5GbE NAS has become my choice.

There are many NAS brands can be chosen. Synology, TerraMaster and QNAP are usually the most choices for people. Synology has strong software but lower hardware configuration, and their products are also relatively expensive. QNAP has more functions but the operating interface is not as intuitive as other NAS brands. While TerraMaster seems to balance these two demands, with higher hardware configuration and moderate prices, and a flatter system style that is easier to use, making it more suitable for users who want to pursue higher performance and more distinctive features.

During the video editing and rendering process, video files require a lot of computing work and have high demands on the CPU performance. If you want a simple and easy-to-use, feature-rich, and accessible NAS for viewing and accessing videos and files at any time, among TerraMaster different models, I recommend the 4-bay NAS F4-423, which is equipped with an Intel Celeron 5095 quad-core processor with a high frequency of up to 2.0GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of up to 2.9GHz. It also integrates a GPU graphics card and supports AES NI hardware encryption, with 8GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (expandable to 32GB).

The F4-423 is configured with two 2.5 GbE interfaces, supporting a 2.5 GbE high-speed network bandwidth. The linear data transmission speed can reach 283 MB/s. F4-423 comes with two built-in M.2 NVMe slots, which can achieve SSD caching acceleration. Together with TerraMaster new Hyper Cache SSD caching acceleration technology, it doubles the transfer performance. With sufficient read and write speeds, editing high-definition videos in NAS becomes possible, and the time spent on copying materials is greatly reduced, which can quickly improve work efficiency.

In addition to transmission speed, video editing sometimes involves multiple people participating in post-production. As the number of participants increases, the process becomes more complicated, and various materials need to be copied between different computers. If you use a mobile hard disk, the color correction and export of the RAW original image in the later stage of the image will be more complicated. If you use traditional DAS products, you need to manually take the hard disk and devices back and forth. Frequent plugging and unplugging of storage devices on different editing devices will easily lead to interface and hardware problems.

But once you choose to use NAS, such as the recommended 2.5GbE NAS TerraMaster F4-423, through some special functions and applications, you can greatly simplify the workflow and steps.

For example, TerraSync is a synchronization application of TerraMaster, which can help us build our own private cloud disk and realize file synchronization between NAS and NAS, NAS and windows computer, NAS and macOS computer, TNAS and iOS/Android mobile devices. Movies, music, pictures, and video materials can be called anytime and anywhere.

We can also use TerraMaster exclusive TNAS Mobile APP client, set it up to connect to the network at home, and it will automatically synchronize photos and videos in the mobile phone to the designated storage folder of the NAS every day, which is very worry-free and convenient.

On the other hand, if we want to complete the project efficiently and quickly, the safety of material and video files is also essential. If the computer or hard disk is damaged, data will be lost and work progress will be seriously affected, so data backup is also a very important part. Using F4-423 with the latest TOS 5 operating system can provide a variety of backup applications with intuitive pages and easy operation,such as Centralized Backup, Duple Backup, Snapshot and CloudSync.

The F4-423 is easy to operate and comes with a comprehensive set of features, allowing for online video editing and saving, which enhances both quality of life and work efficiency. With sufficient storage capacity and satisfactory read/write speeds, it is capable of handling multiple tasks and accommodating multiple users participating in video production. Additionally, the backup applications greatly improve data security and help prevent embarrassing data loss situations, making it a great choice for video editing.

In the TerraMaster product series, F2-423, T6-423, T9-423, T12-423 and other products are also equipped with the same configuration as F4-423. The main difference is the number of supported hard disks, corresponding to different storage capacities. We can also refer to the above product models to choose the most suitable NAS product.

F2-423: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/smallmedium-businesses-nas/f2-423.html





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