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Established in 2010, TerraMaster’s focus has been on digital storage products. In line with the evolving technological landscape, TerraMaster has developed a distinctive product line, which includes both direct and network attached storage devices.

TerraMaster’s products are designed with home users in mind, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Given its core competitiveness in hardware and software development, TerraMaster’s commitment is to ensure value and reliability for customers through high-quality products.

TerraMaster has more than a decade’s experience in developing storage technologies, and the company has never stopped innovating, exploring storage technology, and devising novel applications for its growing customer base. TerraMaster brings substantial value to the design and use of storage products, increases the convenience and ease of storage applications, and allows customers to benefit from reliable, complete, safe, fast, and trusted data storage solutions.

At present, TerraMaster sells its products in more than 40 countries, which are widely used in education, finance, government, supermarkets, clinics, scientific research, law firms, film production, home, and other fields.

TerraMaster’s Timeline

  • 2022: Launched version 5.0 of TOS and the full series of Intel Qual-core dual 2.5GbE Compact Desktop NAS.
  • 2021: Launched the first D16 Thunderbolt 3 device and the full series of 10GbE Rackmount network storage servers.
  • 2020: Launched version 4.2 of the TOS operating system and the full series of 10GbE Tower network storage servers.
  • 2019: Launched the full series of Rackmount network storage servers, and the first 10GbE NAS.
  • 2018: Launched version 4.0 of the TOS operating system, the first Rackmount network storage server, and – for video editing enthusiasts – the Thunderbolt 3 professional storage series.
  • 2017: Launched version 3.0 of TOS.
  • 2016: Launched the third generation of the TNAS and TDAS series.
  • 2014: Launched version 2.0 of TOS.
  • 2012: Launched the second generation of the TNAS and TDAS series.
  • 2011: Released the first 8-disk socket SAS disk array, and launched version 1.0 of TOS.
  • 2010: TerraMaster founded, followed by launch of NAS U2-NAS.

Product Series

  • Personal/Home Cloud Storage
  • Small/Medium Business Network Storage
  • Enterprise Network Storage Server
  • Home/SOHO RAID Storage
  • Thunderbolt3 Storage for Video Editing 

Personal / Home Cloud Storage 
Applicable to: personal and home users or SOHO users 

Small/Medium Business Network Storage
Applicable to: R & D organization, small factory, school, training center, consulting firm, law firm, architectural design institute, creative design company, advertising company, public relations company, clinic. 


Enterprise Network Storage Server
Applicable to: governments, banks, power companies, hospitals, public security, education institutions, railway, enterprise group, small and medium-sized R&D institutions, factories, building design institutes, hospitals, etc. 


Home/SOHO RAID Storage
Applicable to: Design institutes, libraries, photography studio, advertising creative companies, photography enthusiasts 


Thunderbolt 3 Storage for Video Editing
Applicable to: TV station, film company, photography studio, advertising creative company, photography enthusiast 


5th Generation OS

After 1 year development, with more than 50 new features, 600 improvements, more than 300,000 lines of code, the new TerraMaster NAS operating system TOS 5 is better, faster, safer, and more  polished than previous versions. 


Diverse and Well-known Partners

TerraMaster’s TOS platform is now fully opened, and the company provides a complete set of development tools. TerraMaster has partnered with well-known hardware and software manufacturers around the world tocreate intricate, diverse, and useful functions and applications. For example, Intel CPUspower TerraMaster’s latest 10 Gigabit NAS system products, thunderbolt3devices, and Seagate jointly developed a function specifically optimized for Seagate’sIronWolf HDD.TerraMasterhas jointly developed several applications that users enjoy,including Google Drive, Dropbox, Plex, Emby, qBittorrent, iTunes, WordPress, MariaDB, VirtualBox, and Docker.


TerraMaster’s Awards

TerraMaster’s products have long been followed and appraised by well-known media organizations around the world, including PCMAG, PCWorld, Engaget, Tom’s Hardware, and Techpowerup (in the United States), Macword and Hexus (in the United Kingdom), PC Magazin and Heise (in Germany), 01net (in France). 


  • "The new best overall four-bay NAS" - Windows Central    5 Stars 
  • "Incredible value and impressive specs" - NAS Master    4.5 Stars
  • "Something VERY Different!" - NAS Compares
  • "Cheap and cheerful NAS for the home" - Windows Central


  • "A great starter NAS for home" - androidcentral
  • "Big in capacity and value" - Windows Central
  • "Excellent affordable NAS" - Mighty Gadget


  • “Extra Value Award” – Techpowerup
  • “GOOD Choice” – a PCMAG
  • “Excellent Innovation” – Eteknix


  • “Editor’s Choice 2019” – Eteknix
  • “Editor’s Choice” – Legitreviews


  • “4.5-star review” – Photographylife
  • “9.3 overall score review” – Servethehome


  • “Highly Recommended” – a Proclockers
  • “Extreme Performance” – Eteknix


  • “Extra Value” – Techpowerup
  • “Buck Award” – Eteknix


  • “GOOD Choice” – PCMAG


Global Partners

TerraMaster’s products are available online worldwide both through official and local distribution channels. For example, users can purchase TerraMaster products via Amazon in 13 countries worldwide.Along with US and Canadian marketing partners such as Newegg, B&H, eBay, and SimplyNAS, TerraMaster connects with partners in Germany (Idealo, easy-Tecs, Xtivate, AnyNas), Britain (Span, BOX, and Broadbandbuyer), France (Cdiscount, PriceministerIster-Rakuten), Spain (x-NET S.L, Idata), Italy (BREVI SPA), the Netherlands (Bol), Bulgaria (ADSYS Ltd), Turkey (EKSA), Poland (Allegro and EPA), Dubai (MBUZZ), Russia (Aliexpress), Mexico and Brazil (MercadoLibre), Australia (Mwave and Centre Com), China (JD and Tmall), South Korea (Gmark, WITHNIT, iWorks and MediaFirsTech), Japan (A.T.Walks), India (Shree and Hitech), Indonesia (Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Blibli), and Vietnam (tiki.vn, Sendo.Vn, and Shopee.Vn).



2018- IFA




2019- CES

2019- Computex


2019- IFA




2020- CES




2020- TOS 4.x


2021 New Products

D8/D16 Thunderbolt 3 Professional Hardware RAID Storage Series

2022 New TOS

The new TOS 5 Not Just a Simple Iteration, But a REVOLUTION

2022 New Products

F2-423/F4-423 Intel Quad-core with dual 2.5GbE ports and dual M.2 slots NAS Series

T6-423/T9-423/T12-423  Intel Quad-core Compact Desktop NAS Series

TERRAMASTER D8-332 Thunderbolt 3 Storage Most Compact Professional-Grade 8-Bay Tower Thunderbolt3 Hardware RAID Enclosure Support RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD External Hard Drive RAID Storage (Diskless)

thunderbolt 3 storage

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