2023 Black Friday Deals & TerraMaster TOS 6 Insider Preview !

2023 Black Friday Deals & TerraMaster TOS 6 Insider Preview !


Black Friday Deals

Product Series 1 Participating in the Discount:

Home Multimedia Storage

Ideal NAS for creating personal private cloud and home multimedia center.



Product Series 2 Participating in the Discount:

Plex 4K HD Video Hardware Decoding

Powerful Hardware Decoding for Intel Jasper Lake GPU, greatly improving the 4K video hardware decoding capability of TerraMaster NAS. It can transcode video in real time into a file format that can be played smoothly on various devices.


Product Series 3 Participating in the Discount:

10GbE NAS for 4K Video Editing

Desktop-class high-speed NAS with dual 10G optical interfaces, designed for professionals who require high-speed, large-capacity applications such as virtualization, databases, image and video content creation, etc.



Product Series 4 Participating in the Discount:

USB 3.2 Hybrid Disk Array

The industry first hybrid USB disk array can accommodate multiple SATA HDD/SSD and NVMe M.2 SSD, while having the ultra-large capacity of HDD and the high-speed performance of M.2 SSD! Free TPC Backupper backup software.


Product Series 5 Participating in the Discount:

40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 RAID Storage

Equipped with the latest Hardware RAID Controller and dual 40Gbps interfaces, it is suitable for a video editor that works with real-time multi-channel HD 4K/8K video streams.


TOS 6 Insider Preview Program

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