The Background:

Colorcubes Designs is a leading technology provider based in Kochi, Kerala. The company has consistently focused on multiple domains, including audio-visual broadcast technology, acoustics, digital cinema, and architecture. They have gained a strong reputation for their highly innovative technological solutions, not only receiving recognition within India but also attracting attention in international markets. Additionally, Colorcubes Designs had the privilege of providing technical support for the renowned director SS Rajamouli's movie "RRR," further enhancing the company's visibility and recognition.

The Challenge

As Colorcubes Designs experienced robust business growth, they encountered a series of unique challenges. One of these challenges revolved around the efficient handling and management of large volumes of audio and video data. These data were critical to their work, demanding a reliable storage solution to ensure data security and availability. Moreover, as a company providing crucial technological solutions in multiple domains, Colorcubes Designs needed to ensure collaboration and data sharing among various departments to meet customer demands.

Managing Large-Scale Multimedia Data: Colorcubes Designs needed to process substantial amounts of audio and video data, often characterized by high resolutions and large file sizes. This posed significant challenges in terms of storage and data management, requiring a high-performance solution.

Data Security and Availability: Given their involvement in multiple domains, the integrity and availability of data were paramount. Data loss or corruption could lead to project delays and quality issues, necessitating robust data protection mechanisms.

Cross-Domain Collaboration: As a leading technology provider in the audio, video, and power sectors, fostering collaboration and data sharing among different departments and teams was essential. The company required a solution to facilitate teamwork and streamline data access.

The Solution:

To solve the above challenges, Colorcubes Designs decided to use TerraMaster 10GbE NAS solution T9-450. Here are the main reasons why they chose this solution:

1. Powerful hardware: TerraMaster T9-450 is equipped with Atom C3558R quad-core 2.4GHz CPU, 8GB RAM DDR4 (expandable to 32GB), dual SFP+ 10Gb Ethernet interface, dual 2.5GbE ports - providing up to 20Gb transmission through link aggregation bandwidth. Powerful hardware enables the T9-450 to handle large-scale multimedia data, significantly improving work efficiency.

2. Reliable data protection and recovery: TerraMaster T9-450 provides reliable data protection and supports TRAID to prevent data loss due to hard drive damage. The NAS system supports file system snapshot (TFSS) and one-click security isolation mode, which can effectively prevent human misoperation or ransomware attacks.

3. High-speed 10Gb network sharing: T9-450 supports 10Gb network connection, allowing multiple Windows/Mac workstations to connect simultaneously. Enables dozens of workstations to access storage and post-editing simultaneously, promoting collaboration between different departments and teams and making data access more convenient.

The Benefits:

Efficient large-scale data processing:

The T9-450 revolutionizes the way Colorcubes Designs work. Now, they can process large-scale audio and video data at unprecedented speeds, and tasks that may have previously taken hours can now be completed in just minutes. This greatly improves work efficiency and reduces processing time, resulting in faster project delivery.

 Data Security Assurance:

The T9-450's powerful data protection features are critical to Colorcubes Designs' data security. They no longer worry about data loss or corruption because the system is backed up regularly and has recovery capabilities. Not only does this increase data integrity and availability, it also reduces the risk of project delays due to data issues and improves customer trust.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The network-sharing capabilities of T9-450 have provided powerful tools for collaboration among different departments and teams. Team members can easily access and share data without complex procedures. This seamless cross-domain collaboration has fostered creativity and innovation. Communication between teams at Colorcubes Designs has become more efficient, resulting in a noticeable acceleration in project progress.


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