TerraMaster Launches F2-212 F4-212 And U4-212 Private Cloud Nas Designed For Data Backup And Home Multimedia Center

TerraMaster Launches F2-212 F4-212 And U4-212 Private Cloud Nas Designed For Data Backup And Home Multimedia Center

TerraMaster, a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, recently released new design NAS series F2-212, F4-212 and U4-212,
support TRAID, BTRFS file system
, Snapshot and TFSS providing stronger data backup and better home multimedia experience, which perfectly meet the requirement of personal and home users.
Among the 3 models, the sample of F2-212 for review will be firstly available soon in August. 

TerraMaster F2-212/F4-212/U4-212 Key Features
More Modern Exterior Design
The 212 NAS series adopts brand-new design elements and color matching, and has a more fashionable and modern appearance design, better heat dissipation, lower noise,
and more convenient installation and use.

Install Hard Drives within 10 seconds
Tool-free hard drive tray design makes easy installation and removal of hard drives without tools.
And the new Push-lock unique design automatically locks the hard drive tray when you insert the hard drive, preventing the hard drive from falling out or disconnecting. 

Support TOS 5 System and TRAID
Equipped with a more powerful ARM V8.2 Cortex-A55 64-bit 1.7GHz quad-core processor, the 212 NAS series run the latest TOS 5 system and support the
TRAID flexible disk array management tool which provides users with an optimized, flexible and elastic disk array management solution. 

Snapshot and TFSS Protection
Support Snapshot and TerraMaster File System Snapshot (TFSS) based on Btrfs file systems, providing fully data protection and recovery solutions in case of data losswhether it is due to operation errors or hard disk damage , and even ransomware attacks.

More Secure Private Cloud Storage
F2-212 supports up to 44 TB of raw storage, and F4-212 and U4-212 can support up to 88TB, which can provide large-capacity private cloud storage for families and small teams. Equipped with the latest TOS 5
operating system, which includes a large number of backup, file sharing and synchronization applications, data backup and remote work collaboration can be easily applied.

Support the latest iOS and Android TNAS Mobile mobile client, you can use a variety of mobile devices to access and securely manage files anytime, anywhere, and by installing the Terra Photo application in the
TNAS Application Center, users can use intelligent management tools to backup, share and organize classified photos . Can handle more demanding tasks and a higher number of concurrent users than its predecessors.

The 212 series products can also be integrated with a variety of public clouds, such as supporting Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and OneDrive and other cloud disk two-way synchronization function, 
easily open the data channel between your private cloud and public cloud disk, enjoy the convenience of cloud living and more secure data storage.

Home Multimedia Center
Powerful 4K video hardware decoding capability, and compatible with uPnP/DLNA protocol. With TerraMaster dedicated "Multimedia Server" app or third-party multimedia servers (Emby, Plex),
it can stream videos to a variety of multimedia devices including smart phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and smart TV, delivering users constant, reliable entertainment experiences.




The F2-212 is available now at Amazon and TerraMaster partners and resellers worldwide for a suggested retail price of $169.99. For more details, please visit 

F2-212: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f2-212.html 

F4-212: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f4-212.html 

U4-212: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/u4-212.html 

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